The Last Hoorah
November 2016

It's amazing... it's the third week of November and 58F outside. Judy and I went for
a bike ride on the rail trail in Andover. I worked French Guiana, Brazil, France and
3 NPOTA stations.

We rode perhaps 2 1/2 miles east from Andover and stopped at a 10 acre marsh. Here the
sun was brilliant and warm. I tossed my line over a maple tree and sat right down at the
edge of the trail.

I set up the KX3 and started operating on 20 meters. KB4RGC was calling CQ from North
Carolina and I answered him. Bob was a 599 and he gave me a 579. We made the exchange
and started to chat, but QSB hit us and he dropped to 449 and I disappeared. So I switched
to 40 meters and worked a couple of NPOTA stations. The first one was on the Captain
John Smith Chesapeake Trail and the second was on the Fire Island National Seashore.

Here's my log:

19 Nov-16 1756  14.058 KB4RGC CW 579 599 NC      
19 Nov-16 1805  7033   WB3GCK CW 599 599 TR21 Chesapeake Trail    
19 Nov-16 1812  7048   KA2ESK CW 599 599 SS07 Fire Isl     
19 Nov-16 1816  14.023 FY5KE  CW 599 599 French Guiana     
19 Nov-16 1818  10.123 TM8VG  CW 599 599 France     
19 Nov-16 1825  14.044 W5NO   CW 599 599 SS08 Gulf Isl     
19 Nov-16 1836  14.022 PV8ADI CW 599 599 Brazil     

It's really incredible to get a reprieve from the normal rainy, cold Novembers we've come
to expect. To bask in the warm sun, make contacts around the world and enjoy a fantastic
bike ride is such a treat.

It will be short lived. Tomorrow parts of New Hampshire will get snow. The forecast is calling
for low 40s and rain in our area.