Spring on Mt. Kearsarge
April 2016

Dave K1SWL, Tim W3ATB and I spent the afternoon on the
side of Mt. Kearsarge. It was the first warm day of the year...
71F. We worked France, Cyprus, Balearic Island, Czech Republic,
Colorado and Nebraska among others.

We spotted a picnic table at the north end of a small clearing under a couple
of large maple trees and we set up shop. We decided to use only one rig and
one antenna and take turns operating. So we put up a 44 foot dipole fed with
twisted pair. The antenna was up a little over 30 feet. Then we set up a KX3.
Everything worked perfectly.

I took the first turn and started out on 20 meters. I worked F6HKA in France.
Bert was working the Manchester Mineira contest and we completed the
exchange. Then I worked Jurek EA6UN in the same contest. I handed the
key to Dave. I don't have Dave's log, but I know he worked the same two
stations I worked and a couple of more including Belarus. Next it was Tim's
turn. Dave and I were actually hot from the sun and we moved to a shady
area and left the key with Tim. I don't have his log, but I think he worked
W0DB in the Nebraska QSO Party. Then it was my turn again.

Tim left the rig on the same frequency as his last QSO... so I worked W0DB in NE.
Here's my log:

17 Apr-16 1831  14.018 F6HKA  CW 599 599 France   
17 Apr-16 1835  14.024 EA6UN  CW 559 599 Balearic Isl 
17 Apr-16 1909  14.042 W0DB   CW 599 599 NE  
17 Apr-16 1911  14.048 AA0Q   CW 449 579 CO 
17 Apr-16 1948  14.012 OK2RJC CW 599 599 Czech Rep
17 Apr-16 1950  14.016 5B4AMM CW 599 599 Cyprus  

Dave had worked Cyprus during one of his turns and before we packed up I heard
5B4AMM calling CQ. At first I thought I was hearing HB4, but Dave set me straight.
The station in Cyprus came back to me and we completed the exchange.

We couldn't have had a nicer afternoon. Some great band conditions... plenty of
stations to work and the most beautiful spring day yet. We plan on plenty more
before the summer is over.