Bike Ride from Profile Falls
September 2016

Judy and I rode our bikes south from Profile Falls this afternoon. I worked
Liechtenstein, Malta, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Germany and Russia. It was another
perfect day for a bike outing.

We rode south along the Pemigewasset River. I set up near a huge rock cliff
under an oak tree. Below: I'm getting ready to toss my line over a 45 ft high

I sat down at the edge of the old road and set up the KX3. I started on 20 meters.
Right away I worked the Cervantes special event in Spain... AN400M. Then
I worked LY780A in Lithuania, 9H1TT in Malta and IT9SSI in Italy. The funny
part is I had a folded shirt on top of my head... Acorns were falling all over the
place from the oak tree above, and I needed a helmet. Here's the view from my
operating position. You can see the river on the left side of the photo.

After making 4 QSOs, we packed up and started riding back to Profile Falls. But we came to a
beautiful sunny spot and had to stop again. This time I tossed my antenna into a maple tree.

Here I worked two more of the Cervantes stations in Spain... AN400E, and AN400T. I also
worked Tina HB0/DL5YL on holidays in Liechtenstein. Here's the view from her cottage.

Either band conditions improved a lot, or I found a much better location. Stations were a lot stronger and more
plentiful at this sunny place than they were near the rock cliff. Here's my log for the entire outing:

22 Sep-16 1857  14.041 AN400M    CW 599 599 Spain    
22 Sep-16 1859  14.027 LY780A    CW 599 599 Lithuania    
22 Sep-16 1900  14.036 9H1TT     CW 579 599 Malta     
22 Sep-16 1914  14.035 IT9SSI    CW 589 599 Italy     
22 Sep-16 2000  14.020 AN400E    CW 599 599 Spain    
22 Sep-16 2001  14.029 R6AF      CW 559 599 Russia     
22 Sep-16 2004  14.040 AN400T    CW 599 599 Spain    
22 Sep-16 2010  10.1   HB0/DL5YL CW 559 599 Liechtenstein     
22 Sep-16 2113  10.111 DL1BUG    CW 539 599 Germany     
22 Sep-16 2116  14.022 US1GCU    CW 599 599 Ukraine   

After working another six stations, I called it quits and headed north to the car. This is one of the
most beautiful spots anywhere for a bicycle/radio outing. There are no cars allowed and one sees
only an occasional bicycle or walker.