Hiking the Tilton Rail Trail
April 2016

It was a gorgeous day today. Judy and I hiked along the rail trail in Tilton.
We sat down for a while in an old farm field not far from the trail. I worked
the Balearic Islands, Noirmoutier Island (France) and a bunch of stations in
the CWT sprint.

I ran the KX3 to a 29 foot sloping wire in a pine tree. I operated for about
25 minutes. Here's my log:

13 Apr-16 1855  14.027 EA6UN CW 599 599 Balearic Isl  
13 Apr-16 1900  14.028 K4RO  CW 599 599 TN  
13 Apr-16 1901  14.033 F6HKA CW 599 599 France  
13 Apr-16 1905  14.028 WJ9B  CW 599 599 ID 
13 Apr-16 1908  14.012 F3JP  CW 599 599 Noirmoutier Isl
13 Apr-16 1915  14.027 N5ZO  CW 599 599 CA   
13 Apr-16 1917  14.030 NS9I  CW 599 599 WI

The Noirmoutier Island QSO off the Atlantic coast of France
was a real surprise. Here's a photo of the spot from Google

The weather here has definitely turned a corner. It's supposed to be
in the 50s for the rest of this week... and into the 60s next week.
Tomorrow I'll take the bicycles out of the basement.