April Bike Ride on the Pemi
April 2016

I took a quick bike ride along the Pemigewasset River today. It
was beautiful... sunny and 52F. I only operated for 10 minutes
but worked Texas and Florida.

I rode about a mile north and set up several feet from the river under a huge
pine tree.

I used the KX3 and a 28 foot vertical wire on 20 meters. K5LN Bill from
Texas was very strong. He finished up a QSO and I called him. He gave me
a 579 and we had a quick chat. He told me in 56 years, he'd never worked
anyone on a bicycle. I explained I was sitting on the ground near the river.

I tuned up the band a bit and heard Walt K4ZVL calling CQ from Florida.
Walt was strong too. He also gave me a 579 and just before we finished the
QSO the CWT sprint started and we lost each other.