Working Lithuania from the Beach
August 2016

Judy and I went to the beach today. It was 93F. We walked along the shore, rode
our bikes, and I worked a little DX.

After walking a mile or so along the beach, Judy took a swim and lay down for some sun, and I set up
the KX3 on a bench overlooking Rye Harbor. Above the rocky shore wild roses decorated the entire area.
I set up a 33 foot collapsible DK9SQ mast, which I happened to have in the camper. I used a cord
to hold it to the back of the bench.

The wire is running alongside the pole. The yellow string you see coming
out the side is just a line attached to the wire. I usually use it to toss over a
tree branch. I didn't bother to disconnect it.

I tuned up on 20 meters and made my first contact with John W5LNI in
Arkansas. He gave me a 559 and he was 599 with 300 watts and a log
periodic antenna. "UR 8 watts doing FB here," he sent. I was really happy
to make a contact with the poor band conditions.

Next I heard another station in Arkansas calling CQ. Darron KG5ABL answered
and we exchanged quick 599s. He said he was having trouble with QSB and we

Up the band a little, Remi LY8O in Lithuania was very strong. I answered his
CQ and he gave me a 559. What a thrill to work Europe from the beach. Thanks
for the nice QSO Remi.

After packing up, we rode our bikes along the coast for a couple of miles. What a
glorious day!