Quick Hike to the Pemigewasset River
March 2016

This afternoon I took a quick hike to the Pemigewasset River
with the KX3. I worked Hungary and France.

The river lies at the bottom of a steep hill. I hiked down, across Weeks Brook and around the
corner. The Pemigewasset River was glowing in the sunshine of early spring. It was 52F.

I went down the road a few hundred meters and tossed my line into a tall cedar tree and sat down
in the sunshine. I set up the KX3 for 20 meters. First I worked three stations in the FOC contest.
Two were stateside... K9UIY in Illinois and K5VWW in Texas. Then I worked Joska HA9RT in
Hungary. As it turned out, I had worked Joska in the contest already from the shack in the morning,
but, of course, I didn't have my computer log with me. He was so cordial about the oversight. It's
clear why he's in the First Class Operator's Club... a real gentleman.

I tuned down the band a bit and heard Chris F8DGY calling CQ with a strong signal. He
gave me a 559 and we had a nice chat. He was running 100 watts to a spider beam and
using a Kootie key... and doing a great job with it. I promised to email Chris some photos
of my operating position.

After chatting with Chris I packed up the gear and hiked past the river and up the hill to
where I had left the car. These early spring outings are always pure joy.... just to walk on
bare ground again after the winter snow is priceless.