A Quick Swim and some DX at Sky Pond
July 2016

It was hot today, so Judy and I drove up to Sky Pond for a quick
swim. I brought the KX3 and worked Sweden and Virginia.

The pond is pristine and in the middle of nowhere. As soon as we got there,
I jumped in the water for a quick swim. Judy swam way out into the pond and
I came back to shore and tossed a wire in a tree by the water. I set up the KX3
on 20 meters and tuned around. Boy... is propagation bad! But then... a station
coming out of the noise. 7S70AT.. what the heck is that? As luck would have it,
he answered and we made the QSO. I pulled out my cell phone and checked
the call... Sweden... a special event.

Then I went to 40 meters. Not many stations here either. But fortunately Ed KG4W in Virginia was
just finishing up a QSO and we moved up 1 kHz and had a nice chat. He gave me a 579.  I told
him it was 84F and hot here today, and that I was swimming at the pond. He set me straight by
explaining that it was 92F at his house... now, that's hot!

After working Ed, I packed up and Judy and I drove home much refreshed.
It's amazing what a swim and a couple of QSOs will do on a hot day.