DX from Swain's Field
August 2016

I went for a quick hike this morning before lunch to some remote farm fields not far from home.
I worked France, Serbia, Kansas, Canary Islands and Russia. It was a beautiful, beautiful morning.

I started out on Hunkins Pond Road and hiked north up an old farm lane. Then I turned east on
the old range road. This old road cuts straight through the woods for probably 8 miles. But just a
short way up this road I came to David Swain's hay fields on top of the hill. It's a beautiful place.
This view is looking east toward the Belknap Mountain range.

I set up the KX3 at the edge of the field and tossed my wire over a huge maple. I started out on 20 meters.
The first station I heard was Bert F6HKA in France. He was working the Romanian DX contest. We
exchanged 599s and a serial number. Next I worked a Serbian station YT1A also working the contest.

My third QSO was up the band a little with W0L. Jerry was working the Kansas QSO party and I
sent 599 and NH. Then I listened around a bit to see how the other bands were doing. I finally settled
on 17 meters where I heard a couple of strong DX stations.

EA8TL in the Canary Islands was calling CQ right at the bottom of the band. Jorge was very strong
and we made a quick exchange. Up the band I heard Alex RK3ER also calling CQ. "Hello Jim,"
he sent as he gave me a 559. He was 599 to me.

Now the sun was almost overhead and it was getting pretty hot in the field. I packed up and headed
home for lunch after a final glance to the south.