Bike Ride to Old Hill Village
September 2016

Judy and I rode our bikes in Old Hill Village today. It was remarkably beautiful along the
Pemigewasset River. I worked Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria and Minnesota.

For a few days in mid-September, time stands still. It is neither summer, nor is it fall. Things have
stopped growing and there is a quiet that only happens at this time of year. The only sound is of
insects singing farewell to each other. They will soon succumb to cool nights. We ride along the river
on the old road... now closed to automobiles. We pass a huge patch of heliopsis in a shaded glade.

We rode about 3 miles south and stopped at the opening of a large field. I set up the tri-band Par End
Fedz mountain topper antenna... up 30 feet and over about the same distance. I sit down at the edge
of the road with the KD1JV mountain topper. The bands are sparse and my 3 watt signal is not heard
well in Europe. I stayed on 20 meters the whole time.

At first I worked W0EAR, Don in Minnesota. He was looking for counties on 14.056. He
gave me a 559. Down the band a little John HA8GZ is calling CQ from Hungary. He
answers and gives me a 559.

Next I hear DL5JQ in Germany. Hardy gives me a 579. He congratulates me on the QRP
signal and we sign with 73. Last is LZ304MED in Bulgaria. This is a club station working
the Bulgarian Saints special event.

Just across from me is a beautiful field. While I am operating Judy sees a coyote in the distance. It
skirts into some brush when he spots her. These are the precious final days of summer. I will get
out every chance I can.