Fall Bike Ride Along the Pemi
September 2017

Judy and I rode our bikes along the Pemigewasset River today. It was a beautiful, beautiful day.
I worked Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, and Hungary.

We rode south from Old Hill and stopped at the old bridge to Sanbornton. It was nearly 80F with
an unbelievable stillness in the air. Brown, curled-up leaves covered parts of the old road and
crunched beneath our bike wheels. The apple trees along the way have begun dropping fruit. Judy
stopped to pick up some apples. The road was lined with asters.

I stopped at a huge pine tree a couple of miles down the road.  I tossed my
wire nearly 40 feet over a branch and sat on some moss. I used the KX3
and a 33 foot wire.

The bands were good. I worked eight stations. Here's my log:

23 Sep-17 1935  14.014 LZ100SK   CW 599 599 Bulgaria    
23 Sep-17 1943  18.086 IK5ZWU    CW 439 579 Italy     
23 Sep-17 1947  14.019 HB0/DL5YL CW 559 589 Switzerland     
23 Sep-17 1950  14.028 HA60KNA   CW 579 599 Hungary    
23 Sep-17 1955  14.030 W5FMH     CW 599 599 TX    
23 Sep-17 1957  14.032 VE4RAC    CW 599 599 MB    
23 Sep-17 2002  10.117 W8IX      CW 549 599 IND     

Today was a perfect day for getting outside and making a few radio contacts. At this time
of year, I can count the days like this on one hand. I wish they would never end.