Early Fall on the Pemigewasset River
September 2017

There is a certain fragrance. The colors are shifting. The air is still except
for the sound of crickets. It's early fall on the Pemi. I stop at a bend in the
dirt road and check out the giant pine tree for antenna possibilities.

I toss a line over an arching branch and pull up my 33 foot wire. I set up the
KX3 on 20 meters. Now the sound of Morse mingles with the sound of crickets.
Stations from Washington operating in the Salmon Run event are calling CQ.

I work six stations in a row and then switch to 30 meters. I call Jerry WA4FQN in TN.
He gives me a 559 signal report and we chat for a while.  Here's my log:

17 Sep-17 1908  14.045 W7LKG    CW 599 599 WA   
17 Sep-17 1910  14.045 K7GS     CW 599 599 WA   
17 Sep-17 1911  14.052 N7KE     CW 599 599 WA   
17 Sep-17 1912  14.047 W7VXS    CW 599 599 WA   
17 Sep-17 1913  14.047 WC7Q     CW 599 599 WA   
17 Sep-17 1927  14.041 K7RI     CW 599 599 WA   
17 Sep-17 1928  10.121 WA4FQN   CW 559 599 TN Jerry  

You cannot imagine how precious these days are. They are the fleeting days of warm weather in
New Hampshire. The hills and valleys soon turn to gold and orange and red. We are in a twilight
zone before the cold of winter. The world is ours.... for a while.