CWT on Kezar Lake
March 2017

Dave K1SWL and I operated the CWT sprint on Kezar Lake at Wadleigh State
Park in Sutton, New Hampshire this afternoon. We made more than 20 QSOs
in a half hour.

It was a nice afternoon for early March... in the mid 40s with a pretty
stiff breeze off the lake. We heaved a 33 foot wire into a red pine and
set up a KX3. We kept our backs to the wind coming off the lake and
passed the key back and forth.

Dave would make a QSO and then hand me the paddles. I'd duplicate his contact and hand the paddles
back to him. Here's my log:

8 Mar-17 1905  14.034 K9CT  CW 599 599 ILL  Craig   
8 Mar-17 1909  14.033 N5RP  CW 599 599 ILL  Bob   
8 Mar-17 1913  14.029 K4RO  CW 599 599 TN   Kirk   
8 Mar-17 1915  14.033 WC7Q  CW 599 599 WA   Sam   
8 Mar-17 1925  14.038 N5PHT CW 599 599 TX   Gary   
8 Mar-17 1928  14.040 KA7T  CW 599 599 ID   Don   
8 Mar-17 1928  14.042 C6APY CW 599 599 Bahamas    
8 Mar-17 1932  14.038 W7OM  CW 599 599 WA   Rod   
8 Mar-17 1933  14.041 K3SEN CW 599 599 FL   Dale   

Dave kept going a bit longer than I did (I had my hands in my pocket to keep warm), and he made a
few more contacts.

We were glad to take advantage of a sunny afternoon, and during coffee afterwards, we started
making plans for warmer days to come.

Part 2
April 11, 2017

Dave and I made a return trip to Kezar Lake in April. It is much warmer, nearly 70, with
only a slight breeze. There is still ice on the lake but most of the snow on the ground
has melted. We set up in the same place and made a few contacts in spite of poor propagation.

Dave worked two DX stations on 20 meters: IP0TRC and G4WQI. I worked Mike AA9AA in