WPX from Potter Place
May 2017

I rode my bicycle from Andover to Potter Place this afternoon and worked the CQ WPX contest.
In a little more than 10 minutes I worked Hungary, Austria, Cyprus, Slovenia, Poland, Germany and
France. The contest is a DX gold mine.

It was a beautiful afternoon with temperatures around 70F. I started out in Andover and rode west
along the old Northern Rail route. Before long I was at the covered bridge going over the Black
Water River.

The trail was lined with wild strawberry flowers, dandelions in bloom, honeysuckle and lilacs.

I set up at the old Potter Place railroad station. I tossed my wire into a
maple tree and put the KX3 on a picnic table that was right under the tree.

20 meters was packed full with strong stations. Working them was easy. I've altered the log below
to show the location of the stations worked.

27 May-17, 1934, 14, OE2LCM,  CW, 599, 599, Austria
27 May-17, 1935, 14, HA8IB,   CW, 599, 599, Hungary
27 May-17, 1937, 14, HG7T,    CW, 599, 599, Hungary
27 May-17, 1937, 14, K0AD,    CW, 599, 599, MN
27 May-17, 1938, 14, N6AR,    CW, 599, 599, FL
27 May-17, 1944, 14, AD5A,    CW, 599, 599, TX
27 May-17, 1945, 14, SP5WA,   CW, 599, 599, Poland
27 May-17, 1947, 14, P33W,    CW, 599, 599, Cyprus
27 May-17, 1949, 14, S50R,    CW, 599, 599, Slovenia
27 May-17, 1951, 14, DL3ANK,  CW, 599, 599, Germany
27 May-17, 1952, 14, F5IN,    CW, 599, 599, France

The black flies and mosquitoes were out in full force, but bug spray worked well,
and for the most part, I was left alone.

After working nearly a dozen stations in as many minutes, I packed up for the return
trip. There's nothing like a contest to overcome the poor propagation we've had during
the last few months.