DX from Rye Beach
September 2017

Judy and I drove over to the beach today to escape the heat. It was almost 90F here.
I worked Italy, Finland, Hungary, Cuba and California from the shore.

What a fantastic day... and the drive paid off. It was nearly 10 degrees cooler at the beach with a
nice breeze. We had lunch, rode our bikes and then Judy took a swim... while I set up the KX3 and
a 30 foot wire.

I extended a DK9SQ 33 foot mast and attached the wire to the tip. Then I raised the mast and
tied it to a corner of a bench overlooking the harbor. Voila... I had a station. 17 meters was excellent
from the beach, and I made 4 of my 6 contacts there. Here's my log:

25 Sep-17 1920  18.076 CO8LY   CW 599 599 Cuba    
25 Sep-17 1922  18.082 IK3VUT  CW 559 599 Italy     
25 Sep-17 1928  18.085 IK5ZWU  CW 559 599 Italy     
25 Sep-17 1940  14.034 OH6NVC  CW 559 579 Finland     
25 Sep-17 1945  14.025 HA8VV   CW 589 589 Hungary     
25 Sep-17 1950  18.080 N6UOE   CW 579 599 CA     

Before heading home, we decided to take another bike ride. We went to a little
laneway on the other side of the harbor. I got a snapshot of my operating position
from there.