QRP and a Swim at Sky Pond
July 2017

Judy and I went to Sky Pond in New Hampton this afternoon for a swim.
When I came out of the water, I set up the KX3 and worked Brazil, Slovenia
and Pennsylvania.

Sky Pond is a small fishing lake on a dead-end road. We spent a couple of hours
there by ourselves. It's a secret spot. The water was in the 70s and very refreshing.

After I came out, I set up my gear on the shore. I tossed a wire into a birch tree and sat down on the
grass. I started out answering a CQ on 30 meters from WA3PTY, Al in Pennsylvania. He gave me a
579 and we had a quick chat. Then I moved to 20 meters.

The band wasn't great, but there were a few strong stations. One of them was PV8ADI in Brazil.
We had a quick exchange and then I answered Bud, AA3B. He was very strong from Pennsylvania
and gave me a 589. We've worked  many times before.  I finished with a quick QSO with S59AA in
Slovenia. Franc gave me a 449.

I packed up the station and headed home.