Bike Ride in East Andover
July 2017

Judy and I rode our bikes on the old Northern Rail trail this afternoon. The weather was stunning.
I worked England, Greece, Germany and the 13 Colonies station in North Carolina.

We started out across from the East Andover post office and rode our bikes east toward Dyers Crossing.
Soon we came to the picnic table at Sucker Brook. I tossed a 33 foot wire over a maple tree and set up
the KX3 on 20 meters.

The antenna wasn't great because it was going in several directions... sloping
this way and that around branches. But it worked well enough for me to make
a quick QSO with my old friend Tom G3HGE in England. He had some
interference and gave me a 449.

K2J in North Carolina  was really strong. This is one of the 13 Colonies special
event stations. Down the band a bit SV1CQN was calling CQ from Greece.
We also made a quick exchange.

I was about to pack up when I heard DL2CC in Germany just finishing up a QSO. Frank was
very strong to me and gave me a 559. He sent that he hoped I was having fun QRP portable.
I assured him that it was fantastic to be out.

On the way back, Judy reminded me that we're almost half way through summer.