QRP Afield at Bald Ledge
September 2018

What a perfect day for QRP Afield! Tim W3ATB and I hiked up to Bald Ledge
between Meredith and Ashland and operated for nearly an hour. We worked
a few QRP stations, but also Greece and Finland.

We set up on the ledges with Tim's KX2. He heaved a 29 foot wire over a
pine tree and ran it as a sloper. We sat down and tuned around. Mert W0UFO
in Minnesota was our first contact. He was running 5 watts. We were psyched.

For a while Mert was the only QRP Afield station we heard, so we tuned down
the band and started working stations in the Washington State Salmon Run.
Tim and I passed the key back and forth. I'd work a station, then Tim would too.
After a few stations we worked Dave AB9CA/0. Dave's an old QRP operator
who was working the Iowa QSO Party.

Tuning down the band we came across two strong DX stations... OG60F in
Finland and SV1ENG in Greece. Tim was pretty excited to work them both.

We had good luck all around even though we couldn't hear
a lot of QRP activity. Here's my log:

15 Sep-18 1730  14.060 W0UFO   CW 559 559 MN 5W    
15 Sep-18 1740  14.055 W7DX    CW 599 599 WA    
15 Sep-18 1741  14.051 AB9CA/0 CW 599 599 Iowa    
15 Sep-18 1745  14.048 W7FLY   CW 599 599 WA    
15 Sep-18 1752  14.043 W7VXS   CW 599 599 WA    
15 Sep-18 1756  14.042 OG60F   CW 599 599 Finland    
15 Sep-18 1803  14.031 SV1ENG  CW 599 599 Greece    
15 Sep-18 1810  14.058 WA1CFX  CW 559 559 NH 5W  

After we packed up our gear we gazed toward the Sandwich
Mountains and the gorgeous view once again. We headed
home. What a perfect day!