Ellacoya State Park
September 2018

Tim W3ATB and I went to Ellacoya State Park in Gilford today.
He did a Parks on the Air activation... I sat in the lifeguard's chair
and worked France!

The beach is on Lake Winnipesaukee with a gorgeous, expansive view of the surrounding
mountains. I saw this lifeguard's chair and I couldn't resist. It was under a huge pine tree.
So while Tim was 30 yards away working stations for his POTA activation, I heaved a line
into a pine tree above the orange high seat.

As soon as I turned on the KX3, I heard Bert F6HKA finishing up a QSO. What a hoot!
He came back and gave me a 549. I was thrilled.

I called over to Tim and he worked Bert right after I did. I dismantled my station and went
over to Tim's picnic table to help out if I could. We had a lovely picnic lunch at the
park and Tim made his ten contacts for the POTA activation.

P.S. Thanks to Tim for the great photos. His account of the outing is here: