Spring at Livermore Falls
Mar 2018

Tim W3ATB and I went up to Livermore Falls in Plymouth for
an early spring outing. It was a gorgeous day... 50F. I worked
Bulgaria, England and the Czech Rep.

There was still snow on the ground, but along the Plymouth and Lincoln
Railroad tracks between the road and the Pemigewasset River there was
plenty of bare ground.

I tossed my line into a maple tree and set up the KX3 on a
nearby rock. The antenna was sloping about 45 degrees
to the east. I seemed to have a pipeline into Bulgaria because
I worked three of them in a row.  Even though the band was quiet,
there was a Russian contest and a UK contest in progress. I was
able to work a few stations. Here's my log:

31 Mar-18 1702  14.015 LZ5DB  CW 599 599 Bulgaria  
31 Mar-18 1703  14.017 LZ1ZJ  CW 599 599 Bulgaria      
31 Mar-18 1707  14.022 N4BP   CW 599 599 Florida      
31 Mar-18 1711  14.023 LZ1KPO CW 599 599 Bulgaria      
31 Mar-18 1725  14.026 M5D    CW 599 599 England      
31 Mar-18 1728  14.029 OK2RZ  CW 599 599 Czech Rep      
31 Mar-18 1730  14.032 G0ORH  CW 599 599 England  

Tim was set up along the tracks a little to my north. He and I worked
pretty much the same stations.

After a half hour of operating we packed up and hiked back to the car.
It was so great to see some warm weather again and have a taste of outings
ahead for us this summer.