QRP from the Shore
July 2018

Tim W3ATB and I went to the shore today. We used a kite supported antenna.
Between us we worked a dozen stations including Russia and Tabarca Island.
It was a glorious day.

We had a picnic lunch after Tim tossed a wire over a pine tree. He wouldn't eat lunch
until he had made a QSO.... with Paul KW7D in New Mexico. (Tim did NOT want to be

We worked quite a few stations at the picnic table using Tim's wire over the tree
branch. We passed the little KX2 back and forth and had a leisurely time of it.
After an hour or so we pulled out the kite,  but there just wasn't enough wind and
we gave up on the idea. After making lots of QSOs we were ready to call it a day and
packed up.

As we were heading out, we noticed a clearing by the shore with a picnic table. We went over to check
it out. Right away we had a gorgeous view and there was wind. So we decided to set up again... this
time with the kite. It was easy... put up the kite... attach the antenna midway up the string, and let the
wire hang down vertically. We sat directly under the wire.

The circular concrete structure is a WW2 cannon emplacement. Portsmouth Harbor was protected
by a series of bunkers and cannon positions. The cannon rested on the track and could be aimed by
rotating the equipment on the rail. Anyway... as soon as I set up here with the kite antenna, I heard
RA3BY in Russia working stations. He was strong enough that I was pretty sure I could work him.
George gave me a 539 and we completed the exchange.

I was pretty excited and handed the rig to Tim. The Russian station quit so Tim went hunting. He
found EA5EL/P working IOTA in Tabarca Island. They exchanged 599s and we considered the
mission a success.

Here's my log for the day:

27 Jul-18 1701  14.032 KK4IP  CW 539 599 NC       
27 Jul-18 1730  14.035 KG4CUY CW 549 599 AL      
27 Jul-18 1745  14.030 KU8T   CW 599 599 Ind         
27 Jul-18 1800  14.045 UA1AFT CW 559 599 Russia 
27 Jul-18 1820  14.028 K4UX   CW 449 599 VA 
27 Jul-18 1850  14.017 RA3BY  CW 539 559 Russia 

This time we packed up for real, pulled down the kite, and headed home.