QRP Afield at Kezar Lake
September 2019

Dave K1SWL and I operated the NEQRP Afield event from Wadleigh State Park
in Sutton, New Hampshire. The day was perfect... not just perfect... glorious! It was
80F and sunny. We set up at the shore of Kezar Lake.

We tossed a line over a pine branch directly over the picnic table. Dave hooked up his half-wave
wire and KX3. We started out on 20 meters, and there was plenty of activity.

Dave and I had a blast. The routine was simple. Dave would work a station then pass me the key. Then
I worked him; we'd do some logging and go onto the next call. In all we each made about 25 QSOs.

We didn't hear very many stations in the QRP event, but we made a ton of contacts in the
Washington State Salmon run. We also worked a few in the Iowa QSO Party.

A few times we listened on 40 meters, but we only made one contact there with a station
doing Parks on the Air.

After an hour and a half, we packed up our gear. Walking back to the car
we both agreed that this outing was one of the best ever... A warm fall day,
plenty of activity on the band and a perfect spot to play radio.