CWT from the Garden
July 2019

I set up the tiny MTR-3B in the yard this afternoon and worked the CWT
sprint with  a little more than three watts. I operated for 15 minutes and
made 7 QSOs.

It was a perfect July day... sunny and 74F. I put up a half wave wire for
40 meters using the QRPGuys matchbox. I made two throws with the
water bottle and set up an inverted L. The wire went up 25 feet into a
maple tree and over 40 feet into a linden tree.

I sat on the grass with the little MTR set for 40 meters. It was powered with
8 AA batteries. Signals were strong and it was easy making contacts.

Here's my log:

24 Jul-19 1912  7 K3WW  CW 599 599  Chas   
24 Jul-19 1914  7 AA3B  CW 599 599  Bud   
24 Jul-19 1915  7 K4GMH CW 599 599  Mike   
24 Jul-19 1918  7 N8BJQ CW 599 599  Steve   
24 Jul-19 1923  7 W8CAR CW 599 599  Dan   
24 Jul-19 1927  7 N3JT  CW 599 599  Jim 
24 Jul-19 1928  7 K2WK  CW 599 599  Walt 

This morning I spent a couple of hours mowing the lawn. So the
break was welcomed. I could smell a patch of bee balm nearby.
And the garden full of heliopsis was not far away.

It's always fun to operate outdoors. Somehow it enhances the magic of
a peanut whistle QSO.