Early Fall Magic at the Pemi
September 2019

It's all magic. The perfect sunny day. The sparkling river. The trail.
The QRP contacts with Manitoba and Pennsylvania.

I took a bike ride this afternoon up the old road along the Pemigewasset River.
There's a gate at the entrance to keep out cars and trucks... only horses,
bicycles and walkers allowed.

I throw a water bottle over the branch of a huge pine tree and pull up a
30 foot wire. I sit down along the edge of the trail and hook up the KX3.
The bands are pretty poor and I start out on 40 meters. Ron N4PGJ is
calling CQ and I answer. We've worked a dozen times before and we chat
for a few minutes.

Then I switch to 20 meters. Don VE4ESE is calling CQ from Manitoba. He's
strong to me and he gives me a 559. I tell him it's a beautiful sunny day
and I'm sitting by the river. He tells me he's running an old TS-520 from
1975. He's changed the finals only once since then. We sign and I take
another snap shot downstream. It's amazing.

The most beautiful place in the world. A gorgeous day, and a
couple of quick contacts with the portable setup. It's all magic.
I ride back to the car with a big smile on my face.