DX from the Railroad Station
August 2019

Judy and I rode our bicycles from Andover to the old railroad station
at Potter Place. It was a beautiful summer day. I worked Bulgaria, Portugal,
Slovenia and North Carolina.

I tossed a 30 foot wire over a maple tree and sat down at a picnic table. I was running the KX3
and started out on 20 meters. Conditions weren't great, but I made contacts. A few signals were
really strong. LZ1WR was over S9 from Bulgaria. So was Wayne W4HG in North Carolina. 
Oddly I worked a second Bulgarian station LZ304AE before trying out 30 meters. I made one
contact with Slovenia on 30 (S57V), but came back to 20 to finish up with CT7AGM Walter in Portugal.

Getting out on a beautiful summer day is a real joy. We've got at least another month of
summer before the cooler weather arrives. I'll try to make the most of it.