2-Way QRP QSO from Sky Pond
July, 2019

It was 92F here today. Judy and I went to Sky Pond this afternoon
for a swim. I set up the MTR-3B after swimming and worked
KB3ERI in Pennsylvania.

It was hot and humid... perfect for a visit to Sky Pond. The water was great too and
cooled us down in a jiffy. After coming out of the water, I put up an end-fed 40 meter
wire. I used the QRPGuys half wave tuner and the LNR MTR-3B powered by some
AA batteries. I was running about 3 watts.

There wasn't much activity, but fortunately I heard Jay KB3ERI calling CQ on 7042.
We had a great QSO! He was running a K1 at 5W to an end-fed antenna. He only gave
me a 339, but he copied everything I sent. He was 589 to me.

We stayed about an hour and a half. Long enough to cool down
and escape the afternoon heat for a while and have a great time
with the radio.