First Warm Day at Potter Place
April 2019

Dave K1SWL and I met for lunch today in Andover. Then we
went to Potter Place and operated in front of the old Railroad
Station for a couple of hours. Between us we worked a couple
of dozen stations.

It was a gorgeous day and nearly 70F. But there were still patches of snow on the ground. No matter...
we tossed a line into a nearby maple tree and sat down at a picnic table to operate with the KX3. We
worked France and Germany. We worked several stations in the SKCC weekend sprint and some
more stations in the Georgia QSO party.

Dave working a SOTA station in South Carolina

Dave and I passed the key back and forth. We worked many of the same
stations and had no problem making QSOs for an hour or so. Here's my log:

13 Apr-19 1713  14.008 F8DGY   CW 599 599 France
13 Apr-19 1720  14.009 DL1REM  CW 559 599 Germany
13 Apr-19 1733  14.054 K5BIU   CW 559 579 LA 
13 Apr-19 1736  14.056 KG6MC   CW 559 599 SC  
13 Apr-19 1743  14.061 KI4SVM  CW 559 559 SC SOTA
13 Apr-19 1758  14.057 N5PHT   CW 559 579 IA  
13 Apr-19 1807  14.055 NZ0T    CW 559 579 MO  
13 Apr-19 1814  14.046 W4IZT   CW 599 599 GA 
13 Apr-19 1817  14.041 K4EA    CW 599 599 GA 
13 Apr-19 1822  14.049 N4A     CW 599 599 GA   
13 Apr-19 1825  14.043 K5KV    CW 579 599 TX  

Both Dave and I had gotten out a couple of times this month, but it was the first
really warm day and the first time we had operated together since last fall. What
a fantastic way to begin a new season.