DX from Swain's Field
October 2020

Judy and I hiked up the range road behind Swain's Farm this afternoon.
What fantastic fall colors! I worked Trinidad and Texas with the KX3
and enjoyed one of the last warm days of the year.

I tossed a wire into a giant maple tree at the edge of one of the hay fields.
I sat on the ground underneath a canopy of gold and set up the KX3.

I started on 17 meters and heard 9Z4Y Mark from Trinidad just finishing
up a QSO. I called and he gave me a 559. Then I switched to 20 meters.

W5ZO in Texas had just signed with another station when I called him. Mike was strong to me
and gave me a 559. He kept saying how surprised he was, because I was peaking at S8. We
chatted for 15 minutes and then signed.

My view from under the maple tree was stunning with a view to the south and east toward the
Belknap Range.

This may be the last warm day of the year. Next week the forecast is calling for cold temperatures
in the 40s during the day.