July Bike Ride to Potter Place
July 2020

Judy and I rode our bikes from Andover to the old Potter Place railroad station.
What a gorgeous day! I worked Hungary, Bulgaria and had a great QSO with
KE4COH in South Carolina.

We rode several miles along the old rail right-of-way and stopped at the station.
This is a great spot to operate. There are picnic tables and a few perfect trees.
I heaved my wire over a maple branch and set up the KX3.

I started on 20 meters and worked LZ70IPA in Bulgaria within a few minutes. It was
just a quick exchange, and I switched to 30 meters. Bryan KE4COH was calling CQ.
he wasn't especially strong and I was surprised he heard me since I was QRP with a marginal
antenna. But he gave me a 449. He was a 559. We had a fantastic 20 minute QSO.

I went back to 20 meters and worked several more stations. Bob AK9A in Wisconsin gave
me a 559. Then I worked two Hungarians: HA8LNN and HA6PJ. With that I packed up
and we rode our bikes back to Andover.

Wow... What a way to enjoy a perfect summer day. A beautiful bike ride and a little radio in
the outdoors.