Perfect Bike Ride at the Pemi
June 2020

Some days are too perfect to pass up. Today was one of those. I took a
quick afternoon bike ride along the Pemigewasset River and worked
WA1ASU in Virginia.

It's a gorgeous sunny day... about 72F. There's enough breeze to keep the
mosquitoes away. Late in the afternoon I took my bike down to the trail
along the river. I rode north for about 20 minutes. I stopped at a sharp
corner underneath a giant pine tree. It's just in front of my bike pictured
below. The tree must be 100 feet tall.

I tossed a line about 45 feet over a branch. I pulled up my wire and sat
on the ground at the edge of the trail with the KX3 in front of me. It didn't
take long to find Hank, WA1ASU calling CQ on 20 meters. He was strong
and answered me right away from Virginia. We chatted for almost 15 minutes
while I took in the beautiful river view.

Hank was running 50 watts to a Kenwood rig. "Your KX3 is doing a FB job,"
he sent before we closed.

It's so great to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. A quick QRP
contact makes the day perfect.