Kite Antenna at the Beach
June 2021

Judy and I drove over to the coast today to avoid the heat. It was 104F. I put up a parafoil kite
and attached a half-wave wire for 20 meters. Propagation was lousy, but I had a great QSO
with W3GEL in Pennsylvania.

Judy headed straight for the beach. I set up the kite and suspended a half wave wire for 20 meters.
The kite flew for four or five minutes then came down. I hoisted it once again and it stayed up for
at least a half hour when I brought it down.

I attached the bottom of the wire to my backpack and sat under the wire so
it was mostly vertical. Usually, when I operate at the beach, I work a lot of
European stations. I didn't hear one today. But George W3GEL was very
strong and I called him when he finished a QSO with another op.

He was 589 and he gave me a 569. "I've never worked a station with a kite
antenna before," he sent. "Have fun at the beach." I was so grateful for the
nice QSO. It was perfect! A day at the beach... a little QRP and a nice breeze
to keep me cool and lift the kite.

I ran the little MTR rig with the solar charged battery. I was putting out about 3 watts.

After this I packed up and went down to the shore for a refreshing swim. This heat wave will
last only a couple of days. Memories of the beach trip will linger throughout the cold winter