Early Spring on the Pemigewasset River
April 2021

I took a bike ride for the first time this year. I rode along the Pemigewasset
River and worked Wisconsin and Florida. It was a glorious day.

Starting out at Shaw Cove, the water is much higher than usual. Buds are
just beginning to show. The trail is strewn with debris from spring flooding.
Tree branches block parts of the trail, but I can ride around it all. I head north
a bit more than a mile and stop under a huge pine tree.

I brought a half-wave end-fed for 20 meters. The wire is about 30 feet long. I tossed it over a
pine branch and set up the KD1JV Mountain Topper. The view is spectacular.

I sit on the ground with the Mountain Topper in front of me.

I'm powering the rig with a Powerfilm LightSaver solar panel with built-in 18650 battery.
I'm using a USB dongle to step up the voltage from 5v to 10V. It's a perfect setup for the
Mountain Topper which puts out about 3.5 watts with 10V. I can operate indefinitely
as long as the sun is shining.

Right away I hear K0BXB from Wisconsin and call him. Martin gives me a 539. He is 559 to me.
Soon I hear Bernie KB4JR in Florida calling CQ. He gives me a 559. He is running 500 watts and is
strong to me. I tune down the band and hear Tom W2TMT from Florida calling CQ. Tom gives me
a 559. He is a strong 599.

After operating for 20 minutes, I pack up for the ride back. Soon the black flies will be out and
bike rides will be troublesome for a few weeks. I take one last snapshot of the sparkling river.