Sweden from the River's Edge
September 2021

Judy and I rode our bikes again today in Old Hill Village. We rode north from
Needle Shop Brook and stopped at an outcropping right on the edge of the
Pemigewasset River. I worked a station in Sweden.

It was a cool day, 17C and there was a stiff breeze from the north. When we
started out it was sprinkling. But this spot was beautiful, and I tossed my
half-wave wire over a low maple tree. It wasn't tall enough to make a vertical,
so I used the wire as a sloper. It pointed north which proved to be an advantage.

I was using the tiny QCX-mini on 20 meters. I tuned around a bit and heard an
especially strong station, SM5ATP. As he finished up a QSO, I called him.

To my delight, Conny answered right away and asked me to go up two Khz.
He was a strong 599 and gave me a 559. I was thrilled. When I told him I was
running 3 watts to an end fed wire, he sent: "Amazing Jim... 3W."

We chatted for a while and I told him I had ridden my bicycle to this spot. "Sounds healthy," he replied.
I promised to send some photos of my operating position by the river. Later I fetched a picture of
Conny from his QRZ page.

What a thrill to ride in a wilderness area and make a contact on the other side of the ocean.
Thanks Conny! You made the whole trip memorable.