Flight of the Bumblebees
July 2022

I operated in a hay field across the road from my house.
I was on the air for about 45 minutes and made 8 QSOs.

The station was simple... an MTR4 with a Packtenna end-fed half-wave
set up as a horizontal, up about 30 feet and fed with RG-174. I used
an 18650 battery at 5V with a step-up dongle to 10V. I was running
about 3 watts.

I started out on 20 meters. The band was poor with a lot of QSB. I
worked 6 stations.


Then I connected the 40 meter extension to the antenna and switched to
40 meters. I worked 2 more stations.


There wasn't a lot of activity, but I really had a nice time. This is an event I have operated
for many years. And it's one I'll continue to operate.

Thanks for the Qs guys. See you next year.

73 Jim W1PID