The Pemigewasset River
September 2022

Judy and I rode our bikes in Old Hill Village today. I set up on some rock ledges right
beside the river and worked France.

What a day! Sunny and warm with the feel of early fall in the air. Bright blue asters lined the

We rode about a mile and a half north and turned right down a path to the river. The spot is
known as The Eddy.

I tossed a line into a birch tree and set up an end-fed  sloper. I used the MTR 4-B at 4 watts.

Right away I heard F5UQE working SKCC stations. I called Duc and we had a nice QSO. He
was a 589 and gave me a 559.

Here's the view upstream:

I briefly tuned down the band, but the stations I could hear were in
the middle of a QSO. I packed up and we headed back to our bikes.