Hermit Lake Outing at 15 Degrees

The sun was warm... but the ambient temperature was 15F.
On Saturday morning I packed up the little 20 meter MFJ Cub and
a dipole and drove over to Hermit Lake in Sanbornton. I knew
I wouldn't have trouble making contacts because the International
DX CW contest was in full swing.

So I hiked over to an island that provided some nice cover from the wind
while offering a warm southern exposure. The view from my operating
spot was pretty nice:

View from operating position
The view from my operation position

I put the dipole up about 20 feet as an inverted Vee and tied off the ends.
I was operating in about 5 minutes.

My setup
Sitting under the dipole on a small tarp

I only operated for about 15 minutes. But I worked England, Lithuania,
Belgium and Germany before hiking back to shore.