Marine Mobile in Kayak

on Hermit Lake April 30, 2006

Took the kayak out on Hermit Lake today. Wow!
Perfect weather. 70 degrees. I had the FT-817 at
3 watts on internal batteries and a 14 foot fishing pole with
16 feet of wire running to the top with a little coiling of the
wire to take up the extra two feet.

W1PID on Hermit Lake
W1PID/MM on Hermit Lake in Sanbornton, New Hampshire April 30, 2006

I operated for about 50 minutes and had some fantastic QSOs.
Worked KM4CU in Florida for ten minutes. Tom gave me a 559.

Then worked Gary, K4MF in Florida for another ten minutes.

Then had a nice QSO with Dave, W0PQ in Omaha, Nebraska
for almost 15 minutes.

Before calling it quits, I dropped down to the bottom of the band and
worked LZ4VV in Bulgaria for a 579 report.

What a way to spend part of an afternoon! Thanks to all who worked me.
73 Jim W1PID