The Morse Muff

The Morse Muff is a simple way to keep your hands warm
while operating CW outdoors in the winter.

It's an extra large, one-piece, stocking-like wool muff,
open at two ends. One hand goes in the left side along
with a set of portable paddles. The other hand goes into
the right side and operates the key. Inside, along with the
paddles, is a hand warmer.

Sitting by a brook working Kentucky
Working Kentucky from the trail in 20F temperatures

The pack contains an FT-817 and an Elecraft T1 tuner.
The antenna is a 17 foot wire going straight up to an
overhead branch. A counterpoise runs along the
ground toward the brook. I'm working a Kentucky station
on 20 meters. The key is a Palm Paddle. The stool folds up
small enough to fit easily into the pack and keeps my bottom
off the snow. The case for the stool is between my feet and
the backpack.

Close-up of Morse Muff

With the FT-817 and the T1 tuner pre-wired, I can set up
quickly during my frequent winter walks and cross-country
ski jaunts. All I have to do is unfold the stool and toss the
wire over a branch and I'm on the air.

My good friend N1XBD suggested the Morse Muff as
a way to keep fingers warm during winter outings.
My good wife made the muff as Christmas present.

73 and stay warm. Jim W1PID