Bicycle Ride Along the Pemigewasset

There's not a nicer place to ride a bicycle
anywhere. And there's not a nicer place
to operate portable than along the
Pemigewasset River. Today I worked
Germany, Belarus, Russia and Slovenia
from the banks of the river.

The road is flat and winds through the fields
and woods of Old Hill Village. An entire
town was moved in the 40s to make room
for a flood control area when the Franklin
Falls Dam was built.

The afternoon sunlight reflects off the river and filters
through the trees as Judy and I peddle south along
the river.

After riding about a half an hour we come to a small
cove. It looks like the perfect spot to operate.

I throw my water bottle over a pine branch
about 40 feet up. I pull up 30 feet of wire and
attach it to the loop of my backpack and then
to the Elecraft T-1 tuner. The antenna is perfectly
vertical, and I sit down underneath the tree.

I am using the ATS-4 at about 3W on 20 meters.
I hear DK1NO calling CQ. Hannes gives me a 569.

Shortly after, I tune up a bit and hear Al, EV1R
in Belarus finishing up a QSO. I call him for
a quick exchange of 599s. Barely a minute later,
RU6DX/P is calling a few kHz up the band.
Valery gives me a 599 also, but I know he has
some trouble copying, because I had to send my
call a few times.

I shoot a quick close-up of the ATS-4 before
answering Leo, S50R in Slovenia. Leo gives
me a 569 report. He is 599. "UR 3W ALL OK
Jim," he sends.

With that I take down the antenna and begin
packing up.

The trip back is relaxed. We are bathed in the
lush green of our surroundings. We stop several
times to enjoy a field of goldenrod or see an old
foundation site. We reach the car after 40 minutes
of leisurely riding.