Bike Ride in East Andover
September 2012

Fall colors are starting to show. I could see them everywhere
during my brief bike ride in East Andover. I stopped on the trail
at a small brook, and set up at a picnic table. I worked Russia,
Czech Republic and England.

It was a short afternoon ride... maybe three miles. On a whim I stopped by a small bridge
and set up some gear. I stayed on 20 meters with a half wave wire and 4 watts from the
HB-1B. Right off I heard Alex, R2UZ in Russia calling CQ. He answered and gave me a 559. 
Up the band a bit, Jan OK1RO in the Czech Republic gave me a 569. A few minutes later,
I came across Dave, G0GKH. He gave me a 569, but said there was lots of QSB on my signal.
Non-the-less, he copied all of my information. He was running 100 watts to a G5RV.

After 15 minutes of operating, I packed up and continued on the ride. It was a perfect day for
an outing. The sun was warm even though the ambient temperature was only around 60F. I
kept a light fleece jacket on throughout.