September Day on the Pemi

Hanz, W1JSB, and I rode our bikes down
to the Pemigewasset River today. It was glorious. And even though it was cool,
the sun was warm.

After about a mile and a quarter, we headed off the trail and into a field before circling around to a knoll with several tall trees.

Sunlight filters through the trees on the trail                                     Hills rise slowly on the other side of the river



We brought Hanz's FT-817 and used my end-fed half-wave wire with the Par Electronics
matching device. I threw the wire over a tree and anchored it to my backpack.

We passed the key back and forth. Between us we worked a half a dozen Texas stations in
the QSO party. It was easy.  We're running about 2 watts. In early October Fish and Game
will stock this area with pheasant and it will be crowded with hunters. Not ideal for
QRP radio operators. So we enjoy our time while we can.