Bike Ride in Old Hill Village
August, 2012

This afternoon Judy and I rode our bikes in Old Hill Village.
The old road runs for nearly 8 miles along the Pemigewasset
River. We stopped along the way, and  I worked the Ukraine,
Italy and Asheville, NC.

The road meanders through a combination of dense woods
and fields. Today, the sounds of summer fill the air, and the
fragrances of balmy summer air embrace us as we peddle
alongside the river.

Beside the road a field of heliopsis in bright yellow
decorates our path.

I stop underneath an old butternut tree. It's a favorite spot, and
I throw a line 40 feet over a branch. I am using the HB-1B with
a half-wave end fed wire. There are plenty of signals on the
band, but today I don't seem to be heard well into Europe. Still,
I manage to snag UY3LA in the Ukraine within moments of sitting
down. Nick gives me a 559 and he is 599. Next I receive an odd, but
clearly awful report... 509 from I1GOE in Italy. I would say it was
really closer to 339, because Rico copies my call and name, but
certainly he doesn't receive me well. Next I answer a CQ from KK4IP
in NC.

Victor and I chat for nearly 10 minutes. He's 599 and gives me
a 559. "UR QRP STN NO PROBLEM," he sends. After signing with
Victor, we head north again on the bikes.

These lazy summer days are a treasure. We'll come back during
the next few weeks as often as possible.