Early Evening Hike to Knox Mountain
August 2012

Hanz W1JSB and I made an early evening run to Knox Mountain.
We met at Hanz's house and left from there. He brought his Nikon
and a tripod. I brought the HB-1B and a half-wave wire for 20 meters.
He got some great pictures and I worked Oregon.

I took the first snapshot with my Android phone. We arrived just before 6:30
and the shadows were already long. But the sky was blue and the reflections
on the pond were vibrant. Hanz set up his tripod while I heaved a line into
the cherry tree overlooking the water. There was a South American contest
(CVA) going on. I didn't know a thing about it, so I went up the band a bit
and heard K7FD, John, calling CQ. He was strong... a 589 and he gave
me a 559. We chatted for a minute. I told him I was on a hike and running
4W. He sent back "UR 4 watts FB HR." He was running an Orion 2 with a
3 element beam.

Hanz took some pix during the QSO.  I'm copying some of John's info. Hanz moved his setup closer
to the pond and shot some reflections in the water.

Before it got too dark we packed up and headed down the trail. We talked about the similarity between
the ripples on the water and the electromagnetic waves radiating out from the pond to Oregon.
It's all magic.