April Bike Ride at the Pemi
April 2012

I took a quick bike ride along the Pemigewasset River
this afternoon. I worked the Netherlands, Denmark and
W0RW pedestrian mobile in the Garden of the Gods
in Colorado.

Abut 3/4 mile north of Shaw Cove is a hill about 65 feet
above the river. I stopped here, because it was out of
the wind and a bit warmer than the surrounding area.
I had my HB-1B and half wave wire for 20 meters.

I set up alongside the trail with a nice view of the river below.
Tuning up the band on 20, I found Ed, PA2EVR in the Netherlands.
He gave me a 559 and he was a 579. We signed after a quick

What a surprise to hear Paul, W0RW on 14.061. I had seen his
posting on QRP-L that he would be in the Garden of the Gods
operating pedestrian mobile this afternoon. I had worked him
earlier on 17 and had forgotten that he would be on 20. There
he was in the clear calling CQ and I answered. 339 from
Colorado. He was a solid 559. When I told him I was running
4W he replied that he was also between 4 and 5 watts. What
a thrill to work him from the field!

My final contact was with Per, OV2V in Denmark. He definitely
enjoyed working my little peanut whistle. He inquired about the
power and then about the antenna. "FB 4W and VY FB ON GREAT
JOB HI." He was running 100 watts to a Mosley beam up 45 feet.

With that I packed up and rode back to the trailhead where the
van was waiting. A perfect outing and some great contacts in
the log.