NJQRP Skeeter Hunt
August 2012

The first annual Skeeter Hunt... we were supposed to go to our favorite outdoor
operating spot... I didn't do that. I didn't go to my second or third favorite place.
I went to the closest and easiest access to the car. It had poured rain all yesterday
and last night. It was cloudy all morning and the forecast called for thunder
showers this afternoon. I believed the forecast.

So I walked into several hundred acres of unused land about a mile from home.
It's a beautiful quiet place full of wildlife and very few people. I threw a 10 meter
wire up in a pine tree and set up an ATS-4 for 20 meters underneath the tree.

About 40 yards away a flock of wild turkeys patrolled the field.
They didn't seem worried about my radio operation. By 2:30
I was set up and working stations. When I first hiked in, it was
cloudy and about 70 degrees. I was ready for a quick get away
when it started to rain. But that didn't happen. Instead,
the sun came out and the temperature rose by 15 degrees.
I started working stations, oblivious of the muggy heat and
perspiration pouring down my back.

12 Aug-12 1832  14.0 K9DXA CW 589 559 WI 45
12 Aug-12 1834  14.0 NK9G  CW 559 559 WI 75   
12 Aug-12 1835  14.0 W4QO  CW 579 579 GA 74   
12 Aug-12 1842  14.0 K0UU  CW 559 559 MN 1   
12 Aug-12 1854  14.0 SN7Q  CW 599 599 SN 100W   
12 Aug-12 1855  14.0 OG6N  CW 599 599 OG 100W  
12 Aug-12 1859  14.0 AJ4AY CW 559 559 AL 3   
12 Aug-12 1908  14.0 N3AO  CW 339 559 VA 109    
12 Aug-12 1925  14.0 KX0R  CW 449 559 CO 69    
12 Aug-12 1927  14.0 K0NE  CW 559 559 NE 94   

Because the ground was wet, I brought this pack basket and
folding stool. That would keep me off the wet ground. But
it didn't help with the heat. After an hour I was soaked right
through. I packed up and headed home. Thanks to Larry W2LJ
for organizing the event, and thanks to the stations who
pulled out my weak signal from the boonies.