November DX from Profile Falls
November 2016

Judy and I drove over to Bristol this morning and walked from Profile Falls
down to a field along the Pemigewasset River. I worked Bulgaria, Madeira Island,
Portugal, and 4 stations from the Czech Republic in the OK-OM contest.

It was a beautiful sunny morning, but cold... not much over 40F. I tossed my wire over a tree alongside
the river and set up the KX3 on a picnic table provided by the Corps of Engineers.

I started out on 20 meters and heard plenty of loud signals... most of them were in the OK-OM contest.

I only operated about 10 minutes. Even though I was wearing fingerless mitts, my hands got pretty cold.

Here's my log:

12 Nov-16 1651  14.010 OK2D      CW 599 599 Czech Rep     
12 Nov-16 1653  14.011 OK1FFU    CW 599 599 Czech Rep     
12 Nov-16 1656  14.032 CT9/OM3RM CW 599 599 Madeira Isl     
12 Nov-16 1657  14.033 OL5W      CW 599 599 Czech Rep     
12 Nov-16 1658  14.022 OK1DOL    CW 599 599 Czech Rep     
12 Nov-16 1659  14.014 LZ960SPA  CW 599 599 Bulgaria     
12 Nov-16 1700  18.076 CT7AEQ    CW 599 599 Portugal     

It was wonderful to get out, but a sharp reminder that colder weather is ahead and I need to bring
the Morse Muff ( and a hand warmer.